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Everything is vibration; the sounds you hear, words you speak, and emotions you feel. Some vibrations lift our spirits while others ground and move us deeply. With healing instruments and techniques from around the world, experience listening with your entire body to access deep relaxation, meditation, and emotional release. Mantras, indigenous chants, and other sonic textures are a powerful means of cultivating inner peace and quieting the mind.

The art and science of sound healing is designed to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

About Adrian:

Adrian DiMatteo is an international performing and recording artist, music educator and sound healer with over 16 years experience in the music world. He performs original songs and carries sacred chants and mantras from ancient native, tribal, and indigenous cultures. He is the creator of “Guitar Handbook”, an iOS app for aspiring guitarists of all levels.

Adrian teaches guitar, voice, music theory, songwriting and the principles of sound healing. His workshops, lessons and private sessions draw upon both technical academic expertise and ancient spiritual knowledge passed down by elders of the traditions, including his teacher Maestro Manuel Rufino of the Golden Drum in New York.

Adrian regularly facilitates and takes part in healing retreats and workshops around the world. He is a passionate educator who understands that creativity and heart-centered self-expression are keys to a healthy life.

Connect, learn and listen at www.adriandimatteo.com

Cost: $30 each
or 2 tickets for $50