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“You are what you think. All that you are arises with your thoughts. With your thoughts you make the world.” - Gautama Buddha (The Dhammapada)

inhale : listen
exhale : release
...repeat, repeat, repeat...
within you, there is peace

When we engage in meditation, we approach stillness, learn to silence mental chatter and listen deeply to subtle sensations of the body and consciousness. From that place one realizes: “I am not my thoughts and feelings, I am not my body and possessions.” No matter what happens in life, we are not defined by our temporary circumstances. This awareness, deeply understood through direct inner experience (not just philosophically), frees us from illusions of suffering, desire, fear,judgement, laziness, and other forms of attachment. In turn, compassion and inner peace shine forth.

Ultimately, the experienced meditator ceases to ‘practice’ meditation, for they have learned to BE meditation. They are not easily distracted, and are able to access meditative states of consciousness at any time.

BE Meditation is designed for people of all experience levels and backgrounds. It is an open gathering of individuals interested in cultivating inner peace and discipline through traditional and exploratory meditation techniques.

Each gathering will dedicate at least 30 minutes to silent, seated meditation.

These sessions will continue to evolve and may include:

- readings from relevant texts (i.e. the Dhammapada, Upanishads, Rumi, etc.)
- breathing techniques/pranayama
- silent or guided/sound meditation
- meditation in different postures (i.e. yin yoga)
- journaling exercises
- opportunities to share experiences, struggles, insights, etc.
- special guest instructors

What to bring:

Blankets, yoga mats, and cushions are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please bring anything you wish to sit on for personal comfort.

Contributions of any amount are deeply appreciated. Give what you can. Receive what you need. Be good family in all ways...always.

About the facilitator:

Adrian DiMatteo has been exploring the vast world of meditation techniques and literature for more than 10 years. His journey led him to a Sri Lankan meditation center in 2013 where he learned body scanning, seated, and walking meditation techniques. As a musician, he studies sacred sound and began teaching mantra meditation in collaboration withTibet Arts Salem in 2016. His approach to meditation is non-denomenational and open to perspectives from all tradtions. All are welcome.