Download the most comprehensive guitar chord dictionary ever created. ‘Guitar Chords Dictionary’ for iOS.

Learn new ways to play guitar chords, no barre chords necessary!
High quality guitar sounds, thousands of chord shapes – all inversions in any key.

  • Tap the Fretboard to play the strings

  • Tap the Play Buttons to strum the chord or play all strings simultaneously

  • Use the Chord Picker to select a Root Note and Chord Type

You'll find dozens of shapes for each chord type – including basic chord shapes and more advanced voicings like Drop 2, Drop 3, Drop 2 and 4 up to the 7th fret. If you're a pro and want even more – hundreds of chord shapes for a single chord type and over 100,000 chord shapes in total, upgrade to Unlock All 22 Frets.

Pro tip: Use headphones for the best sound experience. Upgrade to get Acoustic, Electric, and Classical Guitar sounds. Use the Label Selector (above the Play Buttons) to change the display to:

  • Dots (blank)

  • Frets (fret numbers)

  • Notes (ex: C, E, G)

  • Tones (ex: R, M3, P5)

  • 12 Tone (ex: 0, 4, 7)

Use the Shapes Picker (on the right) to see all the possible ways to play the chord. Tap the arrows to move to the previous/next shape. Tap the double arrows to move up and down the fretboard.


Limit Finger Span
- Some guitar players can stretch their fingers to span a 5 fret range, but some of us have small hands, or just want a chord shape that's easier to play :) You can limit the finger span to 3, 4, or 5 frets so you'll only see shapes you can play comfortably.

- Show all inversions, or choose to see only chord shapes in Root Position, 1st Inversion, or 2nd Inversion. For those who don't know, the "inversion" describes the lowest note (aka the bass note) in the chord. For C Maj (C, E, G) – Root Position has a "C" in the bass, 1st Inversion has an "E" in the bass, and 2nd Inversion has a "G" in the bass.

Allow String Skips
- Some chord voicings (like Drop 3, Drop 2 and 4) involve playing a string, then skipping a string, then playing another string. We call this a "string skip". You can allow up to 2 string skips, 1 string skip, or "none" to show only chord shapes that don't involve skipping strings.

Chord Types include:

• Maj

• Min

• Dim

• Aug

• Sus2

• Sus4

7th Chords
• 7

• Maj7

• Min7

• Min7(♭5)

• Min6

• Maj6

• Maj7(♭5)

• Maj7(♯5)

• Maj7(sus2)

• Maj7(sus4)

• 7(♭5)

• 7(♯5)

• 7(sus2)

• 7(sus4)

• Min7(♯5)

• Min(Maj7)

• Dim7

Upgrade to get 9th, 11th, 13th Chords
9th Chords

• 9

• Maj9

• Min9

• 6/9

• Min6/9

• (add9)

• Min(add9)

• (♭9)

• (♯9)

• Min(add9)♭5

• Min(Maj9)

• 9(sus4)

• Maj9(sus4)

11th Chords
• 11

• Maj11

• Min11

• Min(add11)

• Maj7(♯11)

• 7(♯11)

• 11(sus2)

• Maj11(sus2)

• Maj7(sus2/♯11)

• 7(sus2/♯11)

13th Chords
• 13
• Maj13

• Min13

• 7(♭13)

• 13(sus2)

• 13(sus4)

• Maj13(sus2)

• Maj13(sus4)