Don't know the first thing about music? Don't worry, students of all ages and experience levels are welcome. We'll start from the ground up - learning basic posture, technique, and vocabulary that will have you playing songs in no time. It's as easy as Do - Re - Mi!


There's always more to learn, and a true master is a student for life. Musicians with a foundation of technique and music theory will benefit from advanced concepts in harmony, improvisation, chord substitution, scale and arpeggio patterns, inversions, theoretical analysis, rhythmic study, composition and other specialized interests of study. We'll also take a deeper look into stylistic choices to help develop your individual sound. 



  • Practice Techniques

  • Music Theory

  • Finger-style

  • Improvisation

  • Chords, Scales, Arpeggios

  • Ear Training

  • Song-Writing/Composition

  • How to Read/Write Music


  • Jazz and Blues

  • Gospel, R&B

  • Rock

  • Funk

  • Flamenco

  • Bossa Nova/Latin

  • Classical

  • Popular Songs

Unlock your creative potential

Lessons focus on empowering you to develop healthy practice routines and to better understand how music works on an artistic, technical and theoretical level. Learn the principles of music theory as they relate to constructing chords, scales and arpeggios and rhythm. Incorporate aural skills/ear training exercises to enable what you hear inside to be expressed on any instrument/voice. Lessons will offer tools for performing in any style - solo or with a band - and will be guided in part by participant questions and interests.

Adrian DiMatteo received his degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from the Eastman School of Music, was a grand finalist for Guitar Center’s “King of the Blues” competition in 2006, and has performed in over 20 countries. He recently developed Guitar Handbook, a chord learning app for aspiring guitarists.

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Available on the app store.