Feel the good vibrations...

Everything is vibration; the sounds you hear, words you speak, and emotions you feel. Some vibrations lift our spirits while others ground or move us deeply. With healing instruments, aromatherapy and techniques from around the world, experience listening with your entire body to access deep relaxation, meditation and emotional release. Mantras, indigenous chants, and other sonic textures are a powerful means of cultivating inner peace and quieting the mind.

The art and science of sound healing is designed to harmonize the body, mind and soul.

PRIVATE SESSIONs (1-5 participants)

Intimate sound meditation sessions for individuals, couples, or families using instruments, songs, and aromatherapy techniques from around the world.

This type of session is powerful for navigating transitions in your personal and/or professional life. It is also good for grounding, setting intentions, and gaining clarity moving into important life events. Sessions with children are possible pending a consultation.

Sound Baths (6+ participants)

A sound bath is a guided meditation for deep relaxation and emotional processing in a group setting. Sound baths are facilitated by trained healers using instruments, songs, and aromatherapy techniques from around the world.

This is a good option if you host group events at a public or private venue that have a healing/meditative intention.

Sound Healer training

If you want to be trained to facilitate sound healing experiences for groups or individuals, customized curriculums are available.

Mantra Meditation (private or gRoup workshop)

Learn mantra meditation. Teachings, group recitation, and guided meditation drawing from Tibetan, Native American, Indian and other traditions.

This is a good option if you would like to learn or offer a workshop to your group/community on the subject of traditional and contemporary techniques and uses of mantra for meditation.

Music for Yoga

Enhance your yoga class/practice with live instruments, ambient sound, and rich musical textures to deepen you or your students' experience.

Instruments from around the world.

Instruments from around the world.

Public sound bath, Long Island City, 2017 solar eclipse.

Tools/equipment used for sound healing.

Multiple patients made comments regarding how relaxing Adrian’s woodwind music was.
— Casey E. Bracken (Patient Relations Specialist, NYU Langone Hospital)
Adrian is very versatile and really knows how to reach the patients’ soul. He is talented beyond musical ability; he was perfectly willing to spend time conversing with patients as well as performing.
— Julianne Rich (Director of Volunteer Services, Coney Island Hosptial)
The children’s responsiveness and alertness during this performance was highly increased and this is always a wonderful goal to achieve.
— Diana Rotundo (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center)

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Original Sound Healing Album:

While You Are Awake

This album is a meditation, a prayer, a consciously created work of sacred art designed to empower your personal healing practice.

This recording has been crafted intentionally to accompany your journey inward and facilitate a space of grounding, clarity, peacefulness and inspiration.

Take a moment to approach inner silence, observe your breath and set an intention for this listening experience. As you open consciously to the sound, you may experience emotional release, visions, and other psycho-physical sensations. This is natural.

“While you are awake,
where are you asleep?
While you are asleep,
where are you awake?”

- Maestro Manuel Rufino

Music composed, improvised and arranged by Adrian DiMatteo
Featuring Tito la Rosa on flutes (tracks 2, 9, and 10)
Featuring Tripp Dudley on tablas (track 6)
Recording Engineered and Mixed by Alex Fulton
Recorded at The 7 Center in Macedon, NY
Artwork by Nicole Adriana Casanova:
'Activation' from 'Love Letters to Earth'

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